Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project #12 (SmartBoard)

Blog Post #16 (Final Reflection)

Blog Post #5 Part 2

I, unfortunately, have not created a big PLN this semester. I am currently using Blogger as a way of expanding it by reading other blogs created by other teachers and also students from around the world. My PLN will help me expand my knowledge and learn more about what to do as a teacher. As I get closer to becoming a teacher, I will continue to add more resources and branch out and meet other educators.
EDM 310 has taught me what a PLN is, what I should use it for and how to use it as a future educator.

Project Based Learning

Sunday, April 19, 2015

C4K Summary for Month of April

The kid that I commented on was a boy name Elijah from Oklahoma. The blog that I commented on was about what type of business Elijah would have. He said that he would like to be a fishing guide. He described what he would do as a fishing guide every morning. My comment to her post said, "Elijah, My name is Kiyana and I attend the University of South Alabama taking the EDM 310 class. Being a fishing guide is a very interesting job. I like fishing and wouldn't mind being able to fish everyday. I hope that one day you are able to fulfill your dream of being a fishing guide. Good Luck!"

C4K #9
The kid that I commented on was a girl named Bethany from New Zealand. The blog post that I commented on was a Vimeo video about her sisters playing in the Pacific rim Easter basketball tournament. The video included different pictures from the tournament and had captions and music.
My comment on her post said, "Hi Bethany, My name is Kiyana. I attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama taking the EDM 310 class. I really enjoyed your video and how great it looks. You did an amazing job putting it together. I am still learning on how to create videos and add effects and everything else to it like you did. Great Job!"


C4K #10
The kid that I commented on for this post was a boy named Owen from Canada. The blog post that I commented on seemed like he had to make up a three course lunch meal for his teacher and describe it using bugs and insects. My comment to his post said, " Hi Owen, My name is Kiyana and I attend the University of South Alabama taking the EDM 310 class. This blog post is very interesting. I would really like to know what the topic and/or requirements were for this post."

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blog Post #11

In the video, Back to the Future, Brian Crosby discusses his fourth grade class and the experiments that they do. His students do exciting and fun experiments and then post videos and pictures of them actually doing the experiment on their blogs. The students then noticed that they shared their classroom experiences with the whole world. Giving students assignments, projects and different activities that are interesting, exciting and fun will keep them focused on the lesson ans what they need to learn. Students being active learners will be motivated to better their knowledge.

In the video, Blended Learning Cycle, Paul Andersen goes into detail on what Blended Learning Cycle really is. The first part, Blended Learning, is taking the components of online, mobile and classroom learning and blending them together on the classroom. The last part, Learning Cycle, is composed of the 5 E's: Engaging question, Exploring the experiment, Explaining the phenomenon, Expanding, and Evaluating. Andersen made up an acronym that has six parts for his Blended Learning Cycle, called Quivers. It starts with a really good Question to begin the project with. Next, you wan the students to Investigate/Inquiry the experiment. Then, the students will have a Video to watch. Next is Elaboration, which is where the students will read more about it. The comes the one-on-one Review between the student and teacher. The teacher will ask the student questions about the assignment to understand if the student is ready for the Summary quiz.
Blended Learning Cycle

Saturday, April 11, 2015

C4T #3

Post #1
The teacher that I commented on this week is Angela Maiers. The post that I commented on talks about a platform called Remind that allows faculty and staff to communicate with students and parents via their mobile devices. They have a new Chat feature that allows teacher to have a conversation with students and parents. The teacher can send out message reminders about school activities and a student or parent can immediately respond. The teachers can set limits on this feature, such as setting specific "office hours" during which they are available to talk.
My comment to this post said, "Hi Mrs. Maiers, My name is Kiyana and I attend the University of South Alabama taking the EDM 310 class. I really enjoyed reading your post about Remind. I have never heard of this program before. It sounds really interesting and sounds like a great way to better communicate with teachers, students and parents when they are not in school. I will be doing more research on this to learn more about it. Maybe in my future as a teacher I will use this program with my students."
Angela Maiers

Post #2
This week I commented on the same teacher, Angela Maiers. The post I commented on talked about how she finds the courage to write. Before she writes, she says, " To find the courage to write, I have to constantly reassure myself that I am good enough, that my writing is WOW - Worthy of the World." She posted a video of when she visited a classroom and talked to them about writing so that it is WOW. She then talks about a student from that particular class who understood her lesson and is now writing works that are WOW.
My comment to this post said, "This post is very inspirational. I am not a writer and don't really like writing at all. But after reading this I think that I may start writing and see if my work will be WOW. You and Walter are my inspiration to writing."